Valentine’s Heart Hair Tutorial

Sweet and simple Valentine's Day heart hair tutorial for your little girl

When I posted a few months back about time saving hairstyles for girls, a couple of people commented that they would have liked to see me include a video tutorial or do some hair tutorials in the future.  If you saw my teaser on Monday, I mentioned that I wanted to try and do more videos this year and that I would be posting one later this week.  Well, that day is here my friends!  Today you will get to see my very first video tutorial EVER.  It literally took me all week to put together because I had to learn an entirely new software, as well as just trying not to be overly critical at my beginner (read: nonexistent) skills at filming and video editing.  But I put a lot of heart (pun intended) into this and I hope you love it!

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As I was trying to decide what hairstyle to do, I remembered one that I did on my daughter a couple of years ago for Valentine’s Day that was simple and sweet.  I’ve seen a lot of heart hair tutorials out there and they are all really cute, but unfortunately, they were also a little complicated or time consuming.  One of the ways I save time doing my daughter’s hair is by not over-complicating things.  You’ll find that this hairstyle doesn’t take much time at all and you end up with a fun, festive hairstyle.  I also love that you can do this hairstyle on pretty much any type of hair.

To do this hairstyle, I recommend having the following items on hand:

*NOTE: Knowing how to do a basic braid is also helpful, as that is how the heart is made at the back of the head.

To see the full tutorial, click on the link HERE or watch it below.  (Also feel free to subscribe to my channel!)

Thanks for watching and if you have any questions or run into any snags, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Let me know how you liked this tutorial and what types of videos you’d like to see in the future!

Do you have a little girl you’re going to try this hairstyle on?  If you give it a go, post a picture and tag me on Instagram using the hashtag #sunshineandmunchkins.

Reader Survey Results + Plans for 2017

At the beginning of this year, I did something I haven’t done before: I put out a reader survey.  While I would have loved to receive a few more responses, I’m so grateful for those of you who did respond and gave your feedback.  I always find the results of a survey interesting so I thought I’d share them with you, including how I plan on using them in the upcoming year!

How old are you?

Everyone that filled out the survey were between the ages of 26-32, with a little over half being 30-31.  This makes sense to me since many of the topics I address apply to those ages, but I think it’s safe to say that I have readers that are both younger and older than this.

What is your gender?

100% female, haha!  I’m not really surprised on this one.

Are you a blogger yourself or just a reader?

The majority of my audience (YOU!) are readers, which is great!  A small percentage of my readers (according to the survey) are bloggers as well.

How do you usually find out about new posts?

Most of you find out about new posts via Facebook.  The second most popular is Instagram and third is Bloglovin (a blog reader platform).

How often do you read Sunshine & Munchkins?

Almost 3/4 of you read my blog about once a week.  The remaining amount is split between 2-3 times a week and once a month.

How did you find Sunshine & Munchkins?

70% of you found me through Facebook, which makes sense since that is where many of you find out about new posts.  (If you’d like to follow me on Facebook, click HERE.)  The rest is through word of mouth.

How long have you been a reader of Sunshine & Munchkins?

Over 1/2 of you have been with me for 12+ months!  I’ve only been blogging for 16 months so thank you to those of you who have stuck around that long while I figure this whole blogging thing out, haha!  From there, almost 30% have been readers for 6-12 months and about 15% have been around for 4-6 months.

I post 3x per week.  How do you feel about the posting frequency?

Every single person who responded said that they thought this was just right so I’ll just keep on with three times a week.

What are your favorite posts to read about? (select all that apply)

  • Crafts/DIY–57%
  • Recipes–57%
  • Parenting–57%
  • Kid Activities–100%
  • Book/Product Reviews–43%
  • Holidays–43%
  • Marriage/Family–71%

I actually felt pretty good about these responses because it means that I’m talking about things that you like reading about!

What are your least favorite posts to read about? (select all that apply)

  • Crafts/DIY–50%
  • Recipes–25%
  • Parenting–25%
  • Kid Activities–0%
  • Book/Product Reviews–25%
  • Holidays–0%
  • Marriage/Family–0%

So there were a few people who aren’t a fan of a few topics but I suppose that’s how it goes.  I don’t expect you to love everything I post about. *wink*  Everyone has their preferences and that’s okay!

What is one of your all-time favorite posts of mine? (Here are some of the responses I received)

Are you already receiving emails from me?

  • 71.4%–No
  • 14.3%–Yes
  • 14.3%–I’m not sure

Would you be interested in receiving an email with all the posts from the week?

  • 66.7%–No
  • 33.3%–Yes

Is there a topic you’d like to see me write most posts about?

The top responses I got to this question were DIY, recipes and kid activities.

What have you enjoyed most about my blog?

I was overwhelmed with all the kind things you had to say about Sunshine & Munchkins and me!  Many of you mentioned my positivity, as well as the content and style.  It is always my hope that when I post something to my blog that it will help someone in some way.

With this being my first reader survey, I tried not to overwhelm you by having too many questions or open-ended responses but if you feel like it was a little much, please let me know so I can improve as time goes on!  I have a feeling this won’t be the only reader survey I ever send out. *wink*


What can you expect from Sunshine & Munchkins in 2017?

As promised, I’d like to share what I’m going to do with the responses I received from you.

  • I’m going to try and be better at sending out weekly emails to those who are already part of my email list and those who expressed interest in receiving them.  (Want to receive emails?  Sign up HERE.)
  • I’m planning on more recipes, crafts/DIY and family posts (parenting, marriage, kid activities).
  • VIDEOS!  I’m going to be setting up a YouTube account where I will post any videos that I share on my blog.  I’d like to try and incorporate videos more since I know that everyone learns differently and sometimes pictures can only show so much.  Plus, they’re kind fun!  Stay tuned for my first video at the end of this week!

Thank you again for sticking around and joining me in my little part of the internet!  If there’s anything else that you’d like me to know, you are welcome to email me, message me on Facebook, or even fill out the reader survey if you’d like to remain anonymous.  Of course, you can also leave me a comment down below!

Conversation Heart Cookies

Make these darling (and delicious) conversation heart cookies for Valentines and share the love!

Growing up, one of my favorite candies to receive during Valentines were those little conversation hearts.  You know the ones.  They have all sorts of silly phrases or words on them and the only color that tastes good is the white.  When I was younger, my mom would buy a big bag of them so we could grab a few and put them in with our Valentine cards for our classes at school.  I was that kid who always had to sort through and find the hearts that matched the person I was giving them to.  My best friends got ones like: U R CUTE or 4EVER.  The cute boys in class or my crush got the ones that said: CALL ME or LOVE U.  (I doubt anyone actually read the hearts before they ate them, but it was still part of the fun to think that maybe they did.)  Now I’ve got a bigger, and better tasting, treat that I like to make around Valentine’s Day: Conversation Heart Cookies.

The recipe for these cookies is actually one that I shared over a year ago during Christmas time.  I called it “My FAVORITE Roll and Cut Cookies” because they are the same cookies I’ve been making for as long as I can remember and they are amazing.  They hold their shape well and aren’t brittle so they can hold up to frosting and decorating.  The frosting recipe that I use can also be found in the same recipe, along with tips for how to avoid the dough sticking to the rolling pin and recognizing the perfect frosting consistency.

Okay, so these cookies might be one of the funnest (most fun?) treats that I make.  Most of the time I make a bunch and let the kids help decorate.  But with these conversation heart cookies, I keep most of them for myself and let the kids help with only a dozen or so.

To make your own conversation heart cookies, you’ll need:

  • one batch (about 3 dozen) roll and cut cookies (recipe HERE)
  • one batch of frosting (recipe HERE)
  • food coloring (I used Neon)
  • bowls
  • red decorating gel

Before you start decorating, make sure the cookies are completely cool.  Make the frosting and divide it into bowls, depending on how many colors you want.  I chose to do four colors. 

Make these darling (and delicious) conversation heart cookies for Valentines and share the love!

Using the back of a small spoon, spread the frosting around the cookie, leaving a small border all the way around.  (See my cookie recipe for more in-depth instructions on using this frosting.)

Make these darling (and delicious) conversation heart cookies for Valentines and share the love!

The next step is important because if you don’t do it, you won’t be able to write the words on the cookies.  You have to let the frosting/icing completely dry.  This can take a few hours during the day but I usually just frost them at night, leave them out for a couple hours and then store them in an airtight container until I’m ready to do the next step.

To write the words on the cookies, I use a small tube of red decorating gel.  Just snip off the top and squeeze a little out to get a feel for how hard you need to push.  Keep a napkin or paper towel nearby to wipe the tip of the tube off to keep it clean between cookies.

Unless your cookies are really big, you’ll want to stick to one or two words or shorten the words to single letters (example: You are = U R).  I like to use the top middle part of the cookie where it dips down as my center when I am deciding where to place my words.  For example, when I write the word “sweet”, I write the first “e” in the middle and use that as my center, writing the second “e” and “t”, then going back and writing the “w” and the “s” last.  Doing it this way just keeps things more centered.  (Although let’s be honest, the words on the real candies are anything but centered.)  If you mess up a little, you can just use your (clean and dry) finger to wipe it off the cookie and start over.  This is one of the biggest reasons why you want to make sure the icing is dry.  It’s much more forgiving if you make a mistake.  In the example below you can see that I wrote “kiss” then used that word to help me center the word “me” underneath it.

Make these darling (and delicious) conversation heart cookies for Valentines and share the love!

If you’re going to be storing them, I highly recommend letting the gel set and thicken before moving them to a container.  Store them with a sheet of wax paper in between and keep them in the fridge or on the counter for up to one week.

Make these darling (and delicious) conversation heart cookies for Valentines and share the love!

Make these darling (and delicious) conversation heart cookies for Valentines and share the love!

So what do you think?  Are you excited to make your own?  I seriously just love making these at Valentines even though they do take a little longer due to the time between steps.  But when they’re finished and you give them to your kids, spouse, neighbors or friends, the look on their face will make it worth it and they will think U R CUTE. *wink*  (I couldn’t help myself.)

Make these darling (and delicious) conversation heart cookies for Valentines and share the love!

Make these darling (and delicious) conversation heart cookies for Valentines and share the love!

If you are looking for more Valentines ideas, check out The ULTIMATE All Things Valentines Round Up I put together a couple weeks ago.  You’ll find ideas for crafts, kid activities, recipes, date night and gift ideas and more!  I’m not kidding when I say there is literally something for everyone.

The ULTIMATE All Things Valentines Round Up

Do you have a favorite Valentines treat you make every year or a favorite candy you can only find during Valentines?  Share below, I’d love to hear!

Medicine Cabinet Organization

Use drawers, containers and labels to organize your medicine cabinet.

When my husband and I first got married, we had a handful of medicine for basic things like headaches, sore muscles, allergies, a bag of cough drops and cold medicine.  A single box of band aids lasted us a year or more and a tube of Neosporin was barely used in the same amount of time.  Fast forward almost 9 years and the amount of medicine we have has at least tripled if not quadrupled and I’m buying a new box of band aids every other month (more in the summertime) and of course my kids insist on “girl ones” and “boy ones”.  Trying to find the right medicine in the middle of the night was starting to become a problem because everything was all over the place.  Can you relate?

As we started to accumulate more medicine, I knew that we’d need a good storage solution to keep things organized.  I found a little three drawer organizer at Walmart (similar) that was the perfect size to fit on one of the shelves in the hall closet.  When I originally bought it, I tried to group the same types of medicine together and put them in each drawer but things have gotten a little out of control lately.  Probably partially due to the fact that we’ve just gone through major cold season and have been in the drawers more often.  Whatever the case, our medicine needed some serious organization.

Here is a lovely (and somewhat embarrassing) before picture:

Use drawers, containers and labels to organize your medicine cabinet.

First thing I did was pull everything off of the top two shelves in the closet and put it on the kitchen table.  (I figured I might as well do a little organizing there since I was already working on the one shelf with the medicine.)  After getting rid of garbage and rearranging the rest of the items that needed to go on the shelves, I was left with the medicine drawers.

Use drawers, containers and labels to organize your medicine cabinet.

I emptied everything out and grouped it together into the following categories: allergy, cold, first aid, digestion and pain.  I also put all the band aids together and emptied the cough drops into three IKEA containers I’d originally bought for the pantry but have been sitting empty for the last couple of years.  (I knew I’d find a use for them eventually!)  I separated and labeled the different kinds of cough drops into: 1) sugar free cough drops, 2) regular cough drops and 3) sugar free throat drops.  I also had some baby/infant medicine such as gas drops and teething tablets and since I don’t need any of those items right now, I put them in a small storage pouch I’d received at my first baby shower.

Use drawers, containers and labels to organize your medicine cabinet.

Use drawers, containers and labels to organize your medicine cabinet.

There wasn’t really any method to which drawers I put the medicine.  I basically looked at what I had and found that I had a lot of cold medicine and not a lot of allergy medicine, so I put those in one drawer.  Digestion and asthma went in another drawer.  First aid and pain medication in the last one.

Use drawers, containers and labels to organize your medicine cabinet.

There are some people in my family *cough* my husband *cough* that don’t always put the medicine back where it goes, so to help keep everything organized, I made some simple labels, which I placed on the front of the drawers. 

Use drawers, containers and labels to organize your medicine cabinet.

Once that was done, I put the medicine organizer back on the shelf with the cough drops and band aids.  I am SO happy to finally have this organized again.  It makes my organizing-loving heart go pitter-patter. *wink*

Click on the links below to see other ways I’ve organized my home:
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Do you have a way to organize your medicine?  What are the most challenging things or areas to organize in your home?