About Me

Hi! My name is Shani and I am the mom to two beautiful kids (a girl and a boy) who I get to stay at home with. They are both crazy, curious, happy kids and they keep me on my toes! I am also married to the best husband in the world. (Can a girl get any luckier?) I love to read, craft, scrapbook, DIY, cook/bake, dance, laugh, take pictures and soak up the sunshine any chance I get. I graduated in Marriage and Family Studies and love applying the things I learned in college to me and my family’s life. I love sharing and discussing new ideas and viewpoints and am fascinated by the way people think and their life experiences that got them to where they are now. I am a self-proclaimed “ambivert” so while I enjoy getting out of the house and doing things with family and friends, I’m also perfectly content to read a book for hours alone (which with 2 kids pretty much never happens, but I can dream, right?).

I started this blog in hopes that I can share my thoughts and ideas with others out there and maybe even share something of value to you–a bit of sunshine if you will–with my little munchkins by my side.

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