Craft Room Organization {Using Chalkboard Labels}

Sunshine and Munchkins: Craft Room Organization {using Chalkboard Labels}--an easy way to quickly organize your craft room!

When my husband and I started to work on finishing the basement, my only request was: “Can I please have a craft room?”  Knowing how much craft stuff I have, and how much my husband dislikes when I spread it all over the kitchen counters, he made sure that I had a space dedicated to my craftiness.  (He still likes to call it an office, but we both know it’s really my craft room.)

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I’m still working on getting it completely organized before I reveal it to you all, but one thing that needed some serious organizational help was my tall cabinet of craft drawers.  This was on my list of “must-haves” when I was designing the space. I purchased it from IKEA from their Alex collection.  I love how many drawers it has.  Seriously, this thing is a dream.  Oddly enough, this is also one of the things that makes it so hard to organize because I can never remember which drawer has what in it.  Half the time I need something I have to go through two or three drawers to find it.

Sunshine and Munchkins: Craft Room Organization {using Chalkboard Labels}--an easy way to quickly organize your craft room!

*UPDATE 4/7/2017 – The chalkboard labels used in this post are no longer available via Amazon.  I received some different chalkboard labels for my review and I am recommending these chalkboard labels instead (plus they come with 2 chalk markers).  I have replaced the links in this post with the new labels.

So when I was asked to review some chalkboard labels, I knew exactly where I wanted to use them: my craft room!  The labels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it so easy for me to pick just the right one out.  Plus, there were six sheets of chalkboard paper that I could cut out into any size or shape I wanted.  (My Silhouette Cameo would be perfect for that.)

Sunshine and Munchkins: Craft Room Organization {using Chalkboard Labels}--an easy way to quickly organize your craft room!

To write on the labels I used regular white chalk as well as these cool chalk pencils.  They look just like colored pencils and they sharpen just like colored pencils, but they are chalk.  It made writing the words out on the labels so much easier and more legible, plus it added a little bit of color and character, which I liked.  Another thing I really liked about these labels was that the chalk came off when I wiped it.  I had to redo a few of the labels to get them the way I wanted and each time it rubbed off great.

Sunshine and Munchkins: Craft Room Organization {using Chalkboard Labels}--an easy way to quickly organize your craft room!

When it came time to place the labels on the drawers, I pulled out my ruler (I only had to check two drawers before I found it) and measured the center so I had a good idea of where to place the label on each drawer.  Then I peeled them off and put them on each drawer, trying to bend the label a little towards the middle and then outward as it stuck.

Sunshine and Munchkins: Craft Room Organization {using Chalkboard Labels}--an easy way to quickly organize your craft room!

TA-DA!  I love the way it turned out!  So nice and organized and labeled.  (My husband even peeked in and said it looked good.)  Chalkboard labels are a great way to organize your craft room (or any room really).  I like that they are permanent in that they stay on the drawers, but provide flexibility to move things around if I need to change out what is in each drawer and just rewrite what’s on the label.  Easy peasy.

Sunshine and Munchkins: Craft Room Organization {using Chalkboard Labels}--an easy way to quickly organize your craft room!

What are your favorite ways to use chalkboard labels?

6 Simple Ways to "Halloween-ify" Your Home {plus a FREE printable}

So…Halloween is next week and you might be like me and realize that there’s not much Halloween-ish-ness going on at your house.  While I do like to decorate during the holidays, I generally just have a few places in the main living area that I put up decorations.  (I’ve also got littles in my house who like to play with the decor if it’s not out of reach.)  I’m not into creepy or spooky so my Halloween decor leans more towards pumpkins and witches, rather than skulls and zombies.  But whatever your Halloween decorating style is, there are a few staples that you can’t go wrong with.

Chalkboards:  Chalkboards are a great year-round decor piece because they are so easy to change.  I feel like chalkboards are especially fun in the fall.  Depending on the size of yours, you can put a simple “Happy Halloween” or something a little longer like “Something wicked this way comes…”.  I have a couple of chalkboards in different sizes and shapes that I change out.  I found a cute one at Hobby Lobby the other day for $4 and used my 40% off coupon.  Talk about inexpensive!

Pumpkins:  Maybe this one goes without saying, but I love to decorate with pumpkins in the fall.  Halloween is the obvious time of year with all the jack-o-lanterns popping up everywhere.  Real or fake, carved or not, putting a couple pumpkins on the front porch or on a table will instantly Halloween-ify your home.

Balloon spiders:  My kids love the balloon spider we have up in our front room!  It’s so easy to make and inexpensive too.  You could put multiple ones around the house or on your front porch.  Just pick up a bag of balloons and some crepe paper at the dollar store next time you go.  Unless you’re planning on using black balloons and crepe paper at some other time during the year, you’ll have supplies left over for next year which is that much less that you have to spend on decor.

Spider webs:  There are two different kinds of spider webs you can do: the white polyester kind or black yarn webs.  I usually do the polyester kind but this year I did the black yarn webs and they look so fun around the house!  If you’d like to do some too, check out this tutorial.  Either type of web would look awesome with the balloon spiders (or any spiders).  You can put these webs almost anywhere, including outside on your porch.  Plus, neither one cost much to buy.

image via design.wash.rinse.repeat

Apothecary Jars:  These jars come in all different shapes and sizes, so feel free to mix and match to create interest.  I bought a couple at Hobby Lobby last year when they were running a sale on their glass items and they only cost me $3-$4.  To make it more Halloween-ish, you just fill them with water and food coloring and finish them off with a label.  I used a chalkboard label and chalk pencils to label my “contents”.  If you don’t want to deal with chalkboard labels, there are lots of free printables available.  I like these labels from Lia Griffith.  If you like the labels from the above picture, click on the link in the caption.

Printables: Speaking of printables, they are easily one of the least expensive ways to change up your decor any time of the year and there are endless possibilities and styles to fit everyone’s preferences.  I have a couple of frames that I cycle through depending on the color scheme I’m using.  And if you like printables, or just need a new one, I’ve created a fun FREE 5×7 printable for you to print out and pop in a frame of your choice.  Put a couple pumpkins next to it and voila!  Instant Halloween-ification!

*Note: Due to differences in monitor colors and printer profiles, there may be some variation with the printed product.

I hope you found some fun ideas to Halloween-ify your home!  What other easy ways do you decorate for Halloween?