{Free} Printable Packing List

Print out a copy for each member in your family to help everyone get packed up for your next trip!

A couple of weeks ago, I shared that I would be going to Orlando this month for a much needed vacation with my husband.  This will be the first vacation he and I have taken together that is more than an overnight since our first child was born over 5 years ago.  As you can imagine, we’re pretty dang excited!  My goal at the beginning of this week is to get all packed up and ready to go.  I am a list maker and so it should be no surprise that I have made a packing list for myself to make sure that I don’t forget anything I need to take with me.  Some people have the attitude that if they forget something, they can just pick it up wherever they are going.  If that is you, then awesome!  But I am totally a planner and that kind of stresses me out.  So, lists.

If you are like me and like to make lists, but also want to save yourself time and energy, then today is your lucky day!  I have a free printable packing list for you.  Just print it out each time you need to pack for any type of trip or vacation, fill in the quantities and check each item off the list or cross it off if it doesn’t apply to you.  There are also a few extra lines in each category to add anything else you need to take with you.  Print one out for each member of your family to help everyone stay organized.

To download, click on the image.  You can choose a pink or blue title.

Print out a copy for each member in your family to help everyone get packed up for your next trip!

Print out a copy for each member in your family to help everyone get packed up for your next trip!

Also, you’ll definitely want to check in next week!  I’m going to be sharing my review of the amazing hotel we’ll be staying at and I can’t wait!

Happy Pumpkin Spice Season {FREE} Printable

Fall is officially here!  It’s time to bust out all the pumpkin recipes you’ve been drooling over and pinning if you haven’t done so already.  As for me, I actually made some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies last week and they were so good!  Once I feel the change in the air, I can’t help myself.

In the spirit of the fall season, I’ve taken it upon myself to declare this time of year “Pumpkin Spice Season” due to all the pumpkin spice recipes and smells and drinks going around.

Furthermore, I’ve created a fun little printable for you to put up in your kitchen as you whip up all the pumpkin recipes you want.  Don’t like cooking?  That’s okay!  Go buy some pumpkin bread or pumpkin cookies or pumpkin muffins and then come home and enjoy your new printable.  *wink*

To print, click on the photo for a 5×7 print.

Happy Pumpkin Spice Season {FREE} Printable

Also, double check your printer settings so that it shows a 5×7 size on the preview instead of an 8.5×11.  (See image below.)

Happy Pumpkin Spice Season {FREE} Printable


Grandparents Day Printables

FREE Grandparents Day printables--Print them, fill them out and send them in the mail for a fun surprise!

Happy weekend everyone!  And speaking of weekends, did you know this Sunday commemorates two very important days?

The first is on Sunday in remembrance of the 9/11 attacks at the World Trade Center, The Pentagon and Shanksville, Pennsylvania.  I remember that day.  I was sitting in my first period English class and we were about twenty minutes into class when we received a school wide announcement to please stop what we were doing and turn on the TV.  What we saw next seems unbelievable and even thinking about it now, 15 years later, my chest feels tight and unwanted images come to my mind.  The rest of the day was a blur.  Teachers tried to give their lessons but even they gave up partway through and turned on the TV.  No one could believe what they had seen and heard and yet, it was all unmistakably and tragically true.  I hope you will each take a moment this weekend to remember the lives that were lost that day when loved ones didn’t make it home.

Sunday is also Grandparents Day.  Don’t worry, I didn’t know either until I looked at my calendar last month while planning out my post for September.  But what a great reason to celebrate!  My parents and my in-laws are all wonderful grandparents to my kids.  They are loving, supportive and each one is wrapped around their grandkids’ fingers. *wink*  If your kids don’t have any living grandparents, you could take the time to talk to them about their grandparents and share stories and pictures or even visit their graves if you live close enough.

My dad and step-mom with all their grandkids (mine are the sassy girl in pink and the little blonde boy on the right)

My grandma and my kids’ great-grandma

My mom and my kids

My in-laws with my son

To help you celebrate this fun day, I’ve created a FREE printable for you and your child to fill out and give to each grandparent, as well as some space at the bottom to draw a picture.  If your kids don’t see them often, fill it out and send it through the mail.  I’m sure that would make their day!

To access the printables, click on the link below the image.  Enjoy!

FREE Grandparents Day printables--Print them, fill them out and send them in the mail for a fun surprise!

FREE Grandparents Day printables--Print them, fill them out and send them in the mail for a fun surprise!

What are you favorite memories with your grandparents?

46 Ways To Have Fun This Summer {plus a FREE printable}

46 Ways To Have Fun This Summer {plus a FREE printable}

I am totally one of those people who LOVES to-do lists.  I get a ridiculous amount of satisfaction when I put a little check mark next to something that is on my to-do list and sometimes I even add things to my to-do list that weren’t there when I first made the list, just so that I can check it off.  Eat breakfast?  Check!  Brush teeth?  Check!  Make sure kids eat their veggies at dinnertime?  Double check!  (‘Cause ya know, I have two kids…) *wink*

So it should come as no surprise that I’m also a big fan of bucket lists.  These are really the best kind of lists because they are all things that you want to do instead of things you have/need to do.  And really, what better time to make a bucket list than summertime?

46 Ways To Have Fun This Summer {plus a FREE printable}
Boating and playing on the beach at a local reservoir

Our family has a lot of things we like to do during the summer.  But sometimes I forget to plan something for the weekend or my husband’s day off and then we end up either scrambling to find an activity or staying home and cleaning up the house or yard.  So in order to make sure we actually do lots of fun activities this summer, I’ve made a bucket list for our family.  It’s all centered around activities we can do with our kids.

46 Ways To Have Fun This Summer {plus a FREE printable}
S’mores up the canyon with family

I think that by creating a list of activities to draw from, we can do more with the time we have together.  We are more likely to be intentional with our time since we know we don’t have a lot of it available when my husband is home.  And planning ahead or having something to draw ideas from helps too.

46 Ways To Have Fun This Summer {plus a FREE printable}
Chalk Art Festival

In case you’re having a hard time thinking of activities to add to your own bucket list, I’ve created a printable for you to, you know, print out and put somewhere you’ll see like your fridge.  (Click HERE to print.)  When you do something, mark it off with a sticker, an X or a check mark.  You could even include the date you did it and then save your bucket lists from each year with a picture of each activity.  I think that would be a really fun summer scrapbook idea!

46 Ways To Have Fun This Summer {plus a FREE printable}

Of course, when it all comes down to it, it’s not the check mark I get to put next to an activity once it’s been done (although, yes, satisfying).  It’s the memories and time spent together.  I’ve been feeling more and more that time goes by so fast and the time we have with our kids is really pretty limited.  So go ahead and check out my bucket list or make one of your own and see how many memories you can make this summer!

What’s on your bucket list?

St. Patrick’s Day FREE Printable

Ahhh…  Spring is in the air.  We’ve been enjoying some beautiful 50 degree weather the last few days, which is a welcome change from 30s and a week and a half long inversion.  Yuck!  Thankfully the weather seems inclined to stay nice, at least for the next week or so.

And can you believe that St. Patrick’s Day is already around the corner?  With February being such a short month, it seems to come even faster.  To get you in the green spirit, I’ve created a fun printable for you!  There are two different colors and they each come in either an 8×10 or a 5×7 size.  Just click on the link below the picture to open the file.  Then print it out and display it.  Who knows?  You just might get a kiss or two!

5×7   |   8×10

5×7   |   8×10
How do you decorate for St. Patrick’s Day?

Love Note Envelopes {plus a FREE printable}

Love Note Envelopes {plus a FREE printable}--a fun new Valentine tradition
I was browsing Hobby Lobby’s Valentine items the other day when I saw the cutest oversized felt envelopes.  At $3.99 for 2, I couldn’t pass them up and threw them in my cart, not totally sure what I was going to do with them.  I forgot about them for a few days when I had the idea to use them as love note envelopes for my family during the month of February.  These felt envelopes will be perfect for our family.  I know my kids (mostly my daughter) is going to love getting little notes throughout the month sharing reasons why they are loved. And this isn’t just for kids.  I plan on sending some notes to my husband too. *wink*

Love Note Envelopes {plus a FREE printable}--a fun new Valentine tradition

Love Note Envelopes {plus a FREE printable}--a fun new Valentine tradition

I think it would be fun to let your kids rotate who the “delivery person” is each day.  Maybe put each person’s note on their pillow after dinner and read them before bedtime.  Or you could buy an envelope for each child and place the notes in there each day as they are written.  The whole idea is totally flexible and adaptable to your family.

And to make your life a little easier (and cuter), I’ve created a FREE love note printable for you!  Sure, you could just use regular white paper but what’s the fun in that?  Print these out and set them in a little jar with a pen and let your family show their love for each other!

Love Note Envelopes {plus a FREE printable}--a fun new Valentine tradition
Love Note Envelopes {plus a FREE printable}--a fun new Valentine tradition

What Valentine traditions do you have?

Reindeer Day

Reindeer Day--fun crafts and activities to do with the kids centered around reindeer

There is something so magical about reindeer.  Maybe it’s the thought of them flying through the air pulling Santa’s sleigh.  Or Rudolf’s red nose.  Whatever it is, my kids can’t get enough of them.  So I decided to put together a couple of fun activities and create a “Reindeer Day” for them.

My kids are still fairly young (21 months and almost 4), so I had to keep it simple.  We spent a total of about 3 hours doing these activities over the course of the day, however, if you didn’t want to do reindeer activities all day, you could choose any one of these, or split it up across a few days.

Hand Print Reindeer

My kids loved this activity!  They are super hands on and don’t mind getting a little messy, so paint is right down their alley.  They thought it was so fun to create a reindeer using their hand prints and some paint.

Step 1: Gather your supplies–We pulled out some blue construction paper, acrylic paint (white, red, brown and black), googly eyes, red or black pompom balls, bells and glue.  You will also need a foam brush, paper plate and paper towels or baby wipes.

Reindeer Day--fun crafts and activities to do with the kids centered around reindeer

Step 2: Squirt some brown paint on your paper plate, grab your foam brush and paint the palm of your child’s hand (just one hand!).  If they are old enough, you could let them do this part themselves.  I had to make sure and use a little more paint on my kids’ hands since acrylic starts drying quickly.  They thought this part was so funny and kept squishing their hands to feel the paint.

Step 3: Have your child press their hand onto the paper and push on the fingers to make sure the paint touches the paper before lifting it off.

Reindeer Day--fun crafts and activities to do with the kids centered around reindeer

Step 4: Turn the paper 180 degrees so the hand print you just did is upside down.  Repeat steps 2 and 3, making sure to leave just a little space between the prints for the collar.

Step 5: Let it dry for 5-10 minutes, depending on how much paint there is.

Step 6: Squirt a little bit of red paint on to the plate and using the pointer finger, dab a little on the end and put it in between the two prints to create a collar.  Let dry.

Step 7: Glue the eye on the head, the bell on the collar and the pompom on the nose (or use black paint/black pompom if you don’t want a Ruldolf reindeer).

Step 8: Squirt some white paint on the plate and use the pointer finger to dip it in and make “snowflakes” all around the reindeer.  Let dry.

Reindeer Day--fun crafts and activities to do with the kids centered around reindeer

Reindeer Dust

I remember the first year my family did reindeer dust.  It was freezing cold outside, but we ran out there with a handful of dust, threw it in the air and ran back inside.  Sure enough, the next morning we’d been visited by Santa himself. *wink*

Reindeer dust is a fun family tradition, so remember to share the love with your friends and neighbors!  We gave some out with our cookies that we took around the neighborhood.  What kid isn’t going to be excited about a little reindeer dust to help Santa find their house on Christmas Eve?

Step 1: Gather supplies–We used glitter and (uncooked) oatmeal to make the “dust”, a couple of bowls and spoons to stir it up in and sandwich bags to store it. *Tip: You could use decorative sprinkles instead of, or in addition to, glitter.

Reindeer Day--fun crafts and activities to do with the kids centered around reindeer

Step 2: Pour about 1/4 cup oatmeal into a small bowl.

Step 3: Add glitter/sprinkles.

Reindeer Day--fun crafts and activities to do with the kids centered around reindeer

Reindeer Day--fun crafts and activities to do with the kids centered around reindeer

Step 4: Stir it around.

Step 5: Pour it into a bag and seal it up.

Step 6: Print off this cute poem (yay for free printables!) and attach it to the bags of reindeer dust.

Reindeer Day--fun crafts and activities to do with the kids centered around reindeer

Reindeer Movie

Reindeer Day--fun crafts and activities to do with the kids centered around reindeer

We watched a new one we found on Netflix called Little Brother, Big Trouble: A Christmas Adventure (2012) about a reindeer who goes on a journey to save his soon-to-be little brother reindeer.  It was cute and my kids liked it too.

Here are a few other options:

  • Rudolf, the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964)–classic version
  • Rudolf, the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1998)–animated
  • Prancer (1989)–live action
  • The Flight Before Christmas (2008)–animated, prequel to Little Brother, Big Trouble

My kids really enjoyed having a reindeer themed day!  I enjoyed that the activities didn’t cost much, since I already had everything on hand.  We will definitely be doing this again next year and maybe even adding a couple of new activities.  I hope your kids/grandkids enjoy this as much as mine did.

Do you have themed activity days?  Are there any that you’d like to start?  What activities would you add to your own Reindeer Day?

Winter Bucket List {plus a FREE printable}

Beating Wintertime Boredom--fun list of things to do as a family in the winter plus a FREE printable bucket list!

I’ll be honest: I don’t like winter.  I don’t like being cold.  In my ideal world, it would only snow on Christmas Day and then melt the next day.  Oh, and it would be 85 degrees outside at the same time.  I’m just a warm weather girl.  BUT don’t think that means that I don’t try my best to embrace the season and everything that comes with it.  I have a lot of wonderful memories surrounding winter: My husband and I met in the fall and dated during the winter.  Our first date was ice skating and hot chocolate.  We got engaged on New Years Eve.  So while I don’t like the cold, I do my best to bundle up in cute clothes and think about the things that make winter fun and magical.  Now that I have kids, I see how excited they get when they see the snow falling, put on their snow clothes and run and jump and play and lay down in it.  After all, I grew up in Utah and I still live here and there are some things that I actually love doing during the winter.

Before I had kids, I worked and went to school and did things with my husband and friends, and the winter seemed to go by fairly quickly.  Now that I am home with my kids full time, winter can seem really, really long.  The kids get antsy.  I get a little crazy.  It’s hard.  So to help get us through the winter months, I have learned to plan activities and events to look forward to.  Some are holiday related and others are simply winter activities.

So if your family is anything like mine, you’ll be needing a few fun things to make the time fly.  I’ve created a winter bucket list for you and–bonus: it’s a FREE printable!  Just click on the picture below and print it off.  Then hang it on your fridge and have fun checking the list off!


What else would you add to the list?

6 Simple Ways to "Halloween-ify" Your Home {plus a FREE printable}

So…Halloween is next week and you might be like me and realize that there’s not much Halloween-ish-ness going on at your house.  While I do like to decorate during the holidays, I generally just have a few places in the main living area that I put up decorations.  (I’ve also got littles in my house who like to play with the decor if it’s not out of reach.)  I’m not into creepy or spooky so my Halloween decor leans more towards pumpkins and witches, rather than skulls and zombies.  But whatever your Halloween decorating style is, there are a few staples that you can’t go wrong with.

Chalkboards:  Chalkboards are a great year-round decor piece because they are so easy to change.  I feel like chalkboards are especially fun in the fall.  Depending on the size of yours, you can put a simple “Happy Halloween” or something a little longer like “Something wicked this way comes…”.  I have a couple of chalkboards in different sizes and shapes that I change out.  I found a cute one at Hobby Lobby the other day for $4 and used my 40% off coupon.  Talk about inexpensive!

Pumpkins:  Maybe this one goes without saying, but I love to decorate with pumpkins in the fall.  Halloween is the obvious time of year with all the jack-o-lanterns popping up everywhere.  Real or fake, carved or not, putting a couple pumpkins on the front porch or on a table will instantly Halloween-ify your home.

Balloon spiders:  My kids love the balloon spider we have up in our front room!  It’s so easy to make and inexpensive too.  You could put multiple ones around the house or on your front porch.  Just pick up a bag of balloons and some crepe paper at the dollar store next time you go.  Unless you’re planning on using black balloons and crepe paper at some other time during the year, you’ll have supplies left over for next year which is that much less that you have to spend on decor.

Spider webs:  There are two different kinds of spider webs you can do: the white polyester kind or black yarn webs.  I usually do the polyester kind but this year I did the black yarn webs and they look so fun around the house!  If you’d like to do some too, check out this tutorial.  Either type of web would look awesome with the balloon spiders (or any spiders).  You can put these webs almost anywhere, including outside on your porch.  Plus, neither one cost much to buy.

image via design.wash.rinse.repeat

Apothecary Jars:  These jars come in all different shapes and sizes, so feel free to mix and match to create interest.  I bought a couple at Hobby Lobby last year when they were running a sale on their glass items and they only cost me $3-$4.  To make it more Halloween-ish, you just fill them with water and food coloring and finish them off with a label.  I used a chalkboard label and chalk pencils to label my “contents”.  If you don’t want to deal with chalkboard labels, there are lots of free printables available.  I like these labels from Lia Griffith.  If you like the labels from the above picture, click on the link in the caption.

Printables: Speaking of printables, they are easily one of the least expensive ways to change up your decor any time of the year and there are endless possibilities and styles to fit everyone’s preferences.  I have a couple of frames that I cycle through depending on the color scheme I’m using.  And if you like printables, or just need a new one, I’ve created a fun FREE 5×7 printable for you to print out and pop in a frame of your choice.  Put a couple pumpkins next to it and voila!  Instant Halloween-ification!

*Note: Due to differences in monitor colors and printer profiles, there may be some variation with the printed product.

I hope you found some fun ideas to Halloween-ify your home!  What other easy ways do you decorate for Halloween?